A reputed source indicates that an 8-time NBA All-Star is set to sign with a different team.

8x NBA All Star Reportedly Signing With New Team

According to Shams Charania from The Athletic and Stadium, there are reports suggesting that Dwight Howard is poised to sign a contract with a different NBA team.

8x NBA All Star Reportedly Signing With New Team
8x NBA All Star Reportedly Signing With New Team

Dwight Howard’s most recent NBA appearance was during the 2021-22 season as part of the Los Angeles Lakers roster.

In that season, the esteemed player, a potential future Hall of Famer, maintained an average of 6.2 points and 5.9 rebounds per game while boasting an impressive 61.2% shooting accuracy from the field across 60 games, of which he started 27.

During the preceding season, Howard competed in Taiwan. Presently, he remains an unrestricted free agent, open for signing by any NBA team.

As per Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium, on Tuesday, it was reported that Howard is likely to secure a deal with a team in the Philippines as he continues his pursuit of making a comeback in the NBA.

According to Charania, as part of his endeavor towards an NBA comeback, Dwight Howard intends to ink a deal to join the Philippines team, Strong Group, for the two-week Dubai International Basketball Championship in January. Sources have relayed this information to me.

Howard, selected as the first overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft directly from high school, boasts an extensive 18-season career in the league. Throughout his tenure, he has played for various teams including the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Washington Wizards.

Throughout his career spanning 1,242 regular-season games, Dwight Howard has maintained impressive averages of 15.7 points, 11.8 rebounds, 1.3 assists, and 1.8 blocks per game. He boasts a remarkable 58.7% shooting accuracy from the field.

The 38-year-old veteran has secured eight appearances in the NBA All-Star Games and has been honored with three Defensive Player of the Year Awards.

Although Howard’s status as a superstar has diminished, he has showcased his value as a dependable role player. Notably, his contribution played a pivotal role in the Los Angeles Lakers clinching the 2020 NBA Championship, triumphing over Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat.

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